Episode 30: While My Son Was Out Partying I Studied the Blade

Yakuza 2 is here! This is the point in the series where things go off the rails, but you won't be able to tell from the first chapter: Letter of Blood. The Tojo Clan are down on their luck and a recently-retired Kiryu has to unretire to fix it. This week we're chatting about the Dragon Engine, Shiny Kiryu, and Daigo Dojima's fit. You wouldn't kill someone in a graveyard would you? That'd be so messed up!

Episode 29: Men Will Take Over the Tojo Clan Instead of Going to Therapy

We've finally arrived at the end of our journey through Yakuza (2005) and boy has it been a trip. We're covering Yakuza Chapter 13: the End of Battle. For all its faults, this game's final chapter is pretty fuckin' good! This week, we're talking about Date logging on, giant cartoon bombs, and boys fighting. See you next week, in Yakuza 2!

Episode 28: Kashiwagi is Living that Jimmy Buffett Lifestyle!

It's boat time! We're talking about the penultimate chapter of Yakuza: Reunited. In this one, Kiryu sits down with Kazama and Kazama tells him the plot of Yakuza (2005 videogame). This week, we're talking about Wide Shimano, Kashiwagi Christmas, and Inaccurate Grenade Physics. See you next week for the finale!

Episode 27: Goro Truck Simulator

Our journey through Yakuza (2005) is nearing its end, but first Kiryu needs to make a pit stop at a high-end soapland, as well as run some errands for some random NPCs. This week, friend of the show and Pod of Greed cohost Audrey joins us for Chapter 11: Honor and Humility. We spend a LOT of the episode talking about Majima, but not for any reason...it's not like he does anything odd this week. Trust me on this...

Episode 26: DILF Form Purist vs DILF Form Radical

Who will win #1 Badass Dad? Join us this week as we chat about Chapter 10 of Yakuza Kiwami: Shape of Love. This one is a real rollercoaster, but like...one that only goes down and never comes back up. This week we're talking about radical-form DILFs, Date's New Wife, and Shinji's excellent volume of blood. We also come up with a new segment about saying goodbye to dearly departed characters.

Episode 25: Hobbies, Goals, and Crimes

Okay, lets get this out of the way first: Kiryu has NEVER killed anyone. It's a really short chapter this week! Chapter 9: the Rescue. Basically, it's two action scenes intercut with Kiryu chilling out in an escape room for half an hour. After that, we play a game that Jordan invented. I dunno, it's a short one!

Episode 24: Guys in Trouble

Nothing weird happens in this episode, haha! We're talking about Chapter 8 of Yakuza (2005/Kiwami): the Scheme. In this exciting chapter, we delve into Kiryu's past for the first time! Oh...we had a whole game of that, huh. This week, we're talking about the Famous Kamurocho Color Gangs, fog walls, and a very normal YouTube channel. I promise it's all very, very regular!!!

Episode 23: Yakuza: Scholar of the First Sin

I'm getting a phone call...it's for you. This week, our friend Sarah joins us for our discussion of Yakuza Chapter 7: the Dragon and the Koi. Kiryu becomes problematic, but not as problematic as Makoto Date. This week, we're talking about twitter art theft, Majima's ignorance of actor's unions, and Michael Bay's special dice. We also take another dive into Villain's Wiki...or do we?

Episode 22: The Kamurocho Riddlemaster

Fiddle-dee-dee! If an episode you wish to hear, stick these riddles in your ear! 'Tis I! The Kamurocho Riddlemaster, here to boggle your brain with riddles and rhymes. This week we're talking about Yakuza Chapter 6: Parent and Child. Could this be the worst chapter in the entire series? Don't ask me, I'm but a humble connoisseur of mind-bending mysteries (but the answer is yes)!

Episode 21: Kamurocho Autonomous Zone

Step into the bathroom and pull out your guns! Our journey into Yakuza continues as we cover Chapter 5: Purgatory. This time, we're joined by Yakuza guide writer extraordinaire CyricZ! This week, we're talking about a new spot on the Kamurocho map and a fight with a familiar foe. Also? More extremely underwhelming substories. Oh! and some Majima Everywhere! But wait, there's more! We also spend a lot of time talking about Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Sorry, we can't help ourselves!